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About us

The Carswell Group Inc., doing business as Independent Management Services " IMS ", was incorporated in 1989 with a focus on professional marketing and management services for multiple housing developments of all types; as well as commercial real estate.  IMS has successfully provided property management of all types.

With a broad range of management experience, the IMS Team clearly understands the urgent need for superior management services whether a development is  conventionally financed, federally subsidized or insured, or financed through a local or state agency.

IMS is dedicated to providing the highest possible quality in single and multiple housing environments. To achieve that goal, a standard of operation is employed which was gained through first hand experience in the successful revitalization of distressed properties.

In addition, the IMS Team recognizes that a successful management organization must possess the ability to adapt to constant changes in, economic fluctuations, and industry related technologies.



IMS is actively involved in all aspects of day to day administration, management, accounting and client relationships for a diversified portfolio.

Our portfolio consists of nearly 12,000 commercial, conventional and subsidized rental development units in eleven (11) states.

Financial Management

Other than physical property management, financial management plays a very important role as well. Rental income, vacancy loss and delinquency are critical in terms of successful property management. Managing these factors strongly illustrates a property's performance.


Properties are as different as individuals. What works in one market may or may not work in another. Each location has its own "personality". Sometimes that personality may need to be altered in order to achieve owner/investor objectives. Through the development of a rental income in the shortest possible time for the least possible cost, the goal is to maximize the revenue producing capabilities of the property and develop permanent solutions.


In this industry we EXCEL among the rest in compliance regarding eligibility of applicants and participants for placement and continuation in Opportunity Housing Programs such as, Section 8, 236, 515, Rural Development, Rental Supplement, and Low Income Tax Credit Housing.

Training and development

The IMS Team recognizes that a successful management organization must possess the ability to adapt to constant changes in economic fluctuations, and industry related technologies. Our management philosophy requires that individual operating plans and strategies be developed to address unique property situations. The practices of the Managing Agent can dictate the success or failure of a development; we take that responsibility very seriously.

Customer service

We believe in serving the needs of our residents by providing professional maintenance services of the highest quality. The IMS Team promotes strict adherence to preventive maintenance schedules.

Equal Housing Opportunity